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Since Jnetics established itself as a charity, the positive interest that we have received from affected families, patient-groups, medical and community professionals has been incredible.

Feedback has confirmed that a co-ordinated UK effort to address the needs of people affected by and at risk of Jewish genetic disorders is both very much needed and well overdue.

Our planned educational, referral, and research activities have the potential to make a real and significant impact on disorder prevention and management, and we are currently only limited by the resources we have available to implement these activities.

As a newly established charity we very much need support to achieve our objectives.

If you are interested in helping progress the work of Jnetics, there are three main ways that you can get involved, through volunteering, fundraising, and/or donating.

And please do subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about Jewish genetic disorders, our current activities and opportunities for how you can help contribute to our future work. Just fill in your email address below at ‘Sign up for our newsletter’ on the footer of this and every page of the website. You can also follow us on Twitter @jgduk to be kept up to date on the very latest information on genetic disorders. Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and anyone else you think would be interested.